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Why do I have to complete a Rental Application Form?
A rental application form is required so we can enter your details into our equipment rental management software to produce our rental agreements and for us to confirm who you say you are. Information provided to us will be checked to confirm its legitimacy.

I have rented from you in the past, why are you asking me to complete a rental application form?
If your information already exist in our system, you will not need to complete a rental application form. Just let us know and we will confirm if your details are in our system.

Can I come in and complete the rental application form and then hire out equipment in the same day?
No. In general it will take approximately 3 days to process your rental application form.

I am a student at a film school. Do I qualify for a discount?
We have several film schools that we provide discounts during the year for the student productions. If this is you, let us know and will provide you the appropriate discount.

Is the equipment covered by insurance?
Yes. The equipment you hire from us is insured for accidental damage or due to an unforeseen event. The equipment is not covered for theft.

Do I have to pay an excess for any insurance claim?
Yes. If we have to lodge an insurance claim you will be liable for an excess of $2200 for each and every claim.

The cost of repair is less then the excess cost of making a claim?
In the case where the repair or replacement cost is less then the excess, only the repair or replacement cost is charged. No insurance claim is made.

Can I provide my own insurance?
Yes. In order to use your insurance you must provide Digital Logic with a Certificate of Currency which covers the insurance value of the equipment your are hiring plus 10 weeks of loss of hire.

Can I make payment for the equipment hire when I return the equipment?
No. All customers need to make payment prior to the equipment leaving our premises. Once we have built a relationship, you can request to apply for a trade credit account with us.

How do I setup a trade credit account with Digital Logic?
Send a request via e-mail to: accounts (at) digitallogic (dot) com (dot) au

Can I request an invoice prior to picking up the equipment?
No. Your Booking Agreement is the same document that will become your invoice once the equipment is returned and checked in. The rental system we use, does not consider the hire complete until the equipment is returned and checked in. So for this reason an invoice can not be generated until this takes place.