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Complete two person ride-on dollies down to a simple pipe dolly portable setup.
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Panther Husky Dolly Kit Panther Baby Base Dolly Kit
Day Rate: $170.00 Exc GST
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Day Rate: $150.00 Exc GST
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Panther Husky Dolly Kit  | Digital Logic Panther Baby Base Dolly
Succeeding the legendary lightweight dolly the new Husky dolly combines state of the art design and manufacturing. Thus it was possible to reduce the weight by 11kg / 24 lb. More than this the dolly can fold for transport into such an ingenious folding position that it serves as a transport cart for your camera case or other bulky equipment.

The Husky is a stable base for your tripod but also Bazooka risers, turnstile attachment or seats can be mounted.
  • The Baby Base is an universal lightweight dolly, weighting just 22kg (48lbs) and it is also a base to support all Foxy crane versions.
  • The Baby Base offers, especially with the Baby Pyramid, a very compact solution which fits through any door.
  • Baby Base - fits through any door.
Panther FlexGrip Kit Matthews BriefCase Dolly Kit
Day Rate: $200.00 Exc GST
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Day Rate: $70.00 Exc GST
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Panther FlexGrip Kit Matthews BriefCase Dolly Kit
The BasePlate features a bubble level as well as versatile holes and threads for various purposes. All legs are identical and can be extended. In addition, they have a flexible ratchet to cover also difficult setups.
Each leg has three positions to mount a seat. Automated adjustment to different tube diameters (33-50mm) while closing the flexible clamps is guaranteed.
Furthermore, the clamps are swiveling from 0-90°. Tracks can be extended and combined with curves. Levelling is done by jacks or stands.
The Ultimate in Portable Dolly Systems! The BriefCase Dolly is self contained with both surface and track wheels for regular track, PVC, metal or "Focus Track".
The Briefcase Dolly is airline transportable and will support 500lbs.(227kg) on either straight or curve track. All dolly components are packed within a heavy duty case which opens into the dolly platform itself.
Losmandy Spider Dolly Production Kit P+S Technik Skater Mini Kit
Day Rate: $140.00 Exc GST
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Day Rate: $100.00 Exc GST
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Losmandy Spider Dolly Production Kit P+S Technik Skater Mini Kit
The Losmandy Spider Camera Dolly is the most portable professional camera dolly on the market. Combined with a piece of FlexTrak, the simple 4-Leg Spider becomes an amazing tracking camera dolly. Our Spider Dolly is fully rideable camera dolly with adjustable center column, a seat that pivots 360 degrees around the column, foot platforms, and pushbar. This dolly can also work on traditional steel track, or on track made of pvc pipe, or on Losmandy FlexTrak--a flexible track made of a special steel reinforced tubing that not only rolls up into a bundle for easy transport, but also allows you to make straight or curved dolly moves with almost no set-up time.

The rideable Spider Dolly packs into three cases. The largest, which has a fold out handle and wheels, carries the base, the 4 wheels, the push bar assembly, and the foot platforms, and weighs 80 lbs. The adjustable column with its 100mm Top goes into the second case which weighs 28 lbs. The Seat Assembly goes is in the third case and weighs 38 lbs. You can now have a rideable dolly system with 40 feet of flexible track and transport it in almost any vehicle.
Shots that would normally require sophisticated rigging or even motion control can now be executed with almost no prep time.

So small and lightweight that you can move the camera by yourself, giving you direct control over tracking shots in any direction, as well as various curved moves.

Mount virtually any cine, MiniDV, HD or SD camera using the supplied integrated dovetail that is compatible with most cine sliding plates, or remove the dovetail and attach your camera directly using the 3/8" screws supplied with the unit.

The +/- 20 degree Rocker Plate lets you adjust tilt angles while your mounting surface for the camera remains extremely low at only 2.0 inches from the ground.  Optional +/- 30 degree Rocker raises the camera to only 2.8 inches from the ground.

Geared wheels (supplied) and optional motor holder (see price list below) provide for motorization capability.
Axis Dolly Kit Miller MD Pro Dolly Kit
Day Rate: $55.00 Exc GST
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Day Rate: $18.00 Exc GST
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Axis Dolly Miller MD PRO Dolly
The Axis Dolly is an innovative system that allows not only linear movement, but also radial movement with an adjustable radius! Rotate around a subject or item one foot or ten feet away from the camera, maintaining your camera's face toward the subject! This system replaces the need for straight and curved tracks. A cost effective dolly for use with Miller 100mm toggle style tripods, as used with the lightweight ENG/Studio system
Miller Lightweight Dolly 2 Kit Manfrotto 114MV Portable Video Dolly
Day Rate: $15.00 Exc GST
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Day Rate: $15.00 Exc GST
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Miller Lightweight Dolly 2 Manfrotto 114MV Dolly
Built for 75mm tripods and lightweight payloads, the 391 offers cost effective professionally smooth dolly action.
  • Manfrotto 114MV Cine/Video Dolly for Spiked Feet - Heavy duty, super sturdy dollies are designed for use with large still and video tripods.
  • They feature large 127mm individually braked wheels with cable guards.
  • Manfrotto 114MV is the  same as 114 Dolly with ability to accept spiked tip tripods.
  • Folds for transporting.
Wally Dolly 3m Track Kit Dolly Track Stainless 4M Kit
Day Rate: $50.00 Exc GST
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Day Rate: $60.00 Exc GST
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Wally Dolly 3m Track Dolly Track Stainless 4M Kit
The Wally Dolly and Track system is the most versatile and affordable dolly available in Australia. It allows the camera operator to have complete control of each dolly move, as no other operator is required.

Our Wally Dolly comes complete with a 3 metre track system. This unique track system is made of aluminum and each section simply screws together to form a seamless joint.

The lightweight and compact design of the Wally Dolly and track system make it portable and minimal setup time is required.
A srtong but light stainless steel dolly track system. Go beyond the standard pipe dolly or flex track system. This track system allows you to wedge and block up the tracks in order to travel over uneven terrain and soft ground.
The track system packs down in a convenient portable pelican case. Simple to unpack and setup and pack down.
Kessler K-Pod Flex Dolly Track 15M Kit
Day Rate: $45.00 Exc GST
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Kessler K-Pod Flex Dolly Track 15M Kit

The Kessler K-Flex Dolly Track is an extremely portable, seamless, flexible dolly track. The K-Flex Track is a solid, rigid cord, but still very flexible and can be configured in a straight run, or curved in almost any radius or direction (as tight as a 9" radius). Each 50' roll can either be looped to create a 22' run, or paired with a second roll for a continuous run of 50'. These trucks are Grade A precision machine cast 95A polyurethane, that are extremely smooth and will stay true.

Recommended for use with the Kessler K-Pod System™. Weight capacity 300 lbs.