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Increase your endurance to go all day with an Easy Rig. Your back deserves it.
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EasyRig Mini Strong 4-6Kg Kit EasyRig 4 Vario Camera Support Kit
Day Rate: $80.00 Exc GST
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Day Rate: $100.00 Exc GST
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EasyRig Mini Strong 4-6Kg Kit EasyRig 4 Vario Camera Support
The Easyrig Mini Strong Camera Support supports from 4 to 6 Kg (9 to 13 lbs) of camera weight, relieves the strain of that weight from your arms, and leaves you only with the job of maneuvering the camera in desired directions.

The metal feathers inside the Mini Strong specifically support 9 to 13 lbs. If your camera weighs just under 9 lbs -- if it's 8.5 lbs, for example -- then you can, and even should, still go with the Mini Strong and compensate for weight shortage by leaning the weight of your arms onto the system. The reason for going with the Mini Strong in such case is that a future addition of another accessory or two to your camera will likely bring the weight of your camera to over 9 lbs. If your camera, however, is much lighter than 9 lbs, then it will not level when you let it swing free, and a better option would be the Easyrig Mini, as opposed to the Mini Strong.

Easyrig 4 Vario is designed for small video cameras to 35 mm heavy duty movie cameras. Equipped with the patented Easyrig System, Easyrig 4 Vario is specially designed for professional photographers working with handheld equipment with weights between 4 10 kg (9 22 lbs), 10 - 18 kg (22 - 40 lbs) or the new Vario 14-22 kg (30-45 lbs). Easyrig 4 Vario can be used with both video and motion picture cameras.