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Fluorescent HMI
Fluorescent lighting systems for motion picture, TV and commercial production.  These versatile fixtures provide soft light sources. more info
ArriSUN and Arri Compact Fresnel Daylight Lamps more info
LED Lighting Accessories
LED lighting has been around since the 1960s, but is now becoming popular in the Film & Television industry.
High power efficiency and small size fixtures are among some of the benefits.
more info
Special Lighting widgets for mounting and securing lighting instruments.
Avenger Wall Plates
Shot Bags, Marker and T-Marker Bags.
more info
Lighting Stands Passive Lighting
Film Lighting Stands of various sizes and duty.
Stackable, Low Boys, Baby Stands, Turtle Base, Backlight Stands, etc...
more info
Cinematography Fabrics to control and shape light quality.
Various Foldable Frame sizes and Fabrics to suit.
Smaller Collapsible and Reversible Fabrics.
more info
Speedlites Tungsten
Stills Photography Speedlite Flashes more info
Arri PAR and Fresnel Lamps.
Red Heads, Blondes, etc.
Lowel, Sachtler, etc
more info